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Why You Should Learn Linux

Written by
Rachel Wearmoutharrow-right-white

Why You Should Learn Linux

Written by
Rachel Wearmoutharrow-right-white

Why You Should Learn Linux

Written by
Rachel Wearmouth

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Linux is Everywhere!

Whether you are aware of it or not, but you come across Linux every day. Whenever you use Google, Facebook, or any other major website, you use servers run by Linux. And why shouldn't it be the case? Linux is a renowned open-source operating system used to manage hardware like desktop, computers, aeroplanes, mobile phones, automobiles, to mention a few.

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What makes Linux so versatile?

Linux is licensed under the GPL license, which means that anyone can use Linux free of cost as long as you respect its conditions. It has a vast user based community which contributes to its improvements — this way people make Linux work on different kinds of devices.


So why should you learn Linux?

One of the best features of Linux is that it does not require any technical skills to use it. It is much less complicated than other operating software, and you will be able to install and use it easily. However, it is beneficial to dig deeper into Linux and get to learn how to use it. These skills will come very handy for sure. Some of the best reasons Linux are given below?

  • If you learn how to use Linux, you can create your own customised desktop designs. Linux is known for its customisation features as it offers a vast range of options. Moreover, if you are into developing games, then Linux is what you need.
  • Linux is an open-source operating software which means it is available to everyone and you can do anything with it. So if you want to develop something new, you are good to go. Linux is a viable option for people who are considering a career change or starting one in cybersecurity. Developing cybersecurity platforms is quite convenient on Linux. Therefore, learning Linux will definitely give you a breakthrough in your career.
  • Linux is free, so you get to learn from other developers and never have to pay for a software upgrade. All the necessities are available free of cost for both beginners and advanced users. Therefore, business owners can make use of Linux and reduce their reliance on the IT team. This way, they also get to spend less and become self-reliant.
  • Students can learn a lot about from the user community free of cost. There are multiple resources available such as videos, books, and tutorials. So you can learn the basics of Linux and further create solutions using the same platform.
  • Linux is affordable, easy to install and manage, and there are a lot of resources available for learning. Therefore, you don't have to invest much in education, but you can reap many rewards as a result of the skills you learn.
  • Linux is the most secure operating system available. It makes learning more convenient because you don't have to worry about potential viruses and bugs. It ensures that the installation of third-party software won't alter your system configurations.
  • There are many employment opportunities when it comes to Linux. This is because Linux is an open-source platform, and there are no set criteria to fill the requirements. The scope for Linux jobs is high, especially for freshies. The current salary trend is approximately $25,000 to $125,000. The average wage depends on the years of experience and the organisation you will work for. We are living in an advanced era, where new technological tools emerge every day. So we must keep up with the advances and evolution to match the market requirements. Therefore, it is a smart decision to learn Linux as it has a bright future. It has excellent potential for your career or if you plan to switch your career. It equips you with a diverse number of skills which you can implement in a number of places.
  • Finally, if you want to take your career up the ladder, then you should earn certifications to prove your credibility. Hence, it is essential to take courses and learn about Linux. Some of the certifications can give you an edge for employment and the option of better wages.
    Some of the higher-paying roles are:
  1. Red Hat Certification Linux Administrators
  2. Linux Professional Institute Certification
  3. GCUX: GIAC Certified Unix Security Administrator


If you want to learn more about Linux or are considering doing a course, then it is definitely worthwhile checking out WithYouWithMe Portal. Online courses are given for FREE to all ex-military. It is time to do something new and try out a career in the world of Linux. Goodluck.