Why You Should Do An Online Course

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Why You Should Do An Online Course

Written by
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Why You Should Do An Online Course

Written by
Rachel Wearmouth

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Due to the digitalisation of today’s society online courses are becoming more common than ever. Australian universities offer the majority of their courses online and there are countless short courses online. Furthering your education no longer has to come from physically attending classes. Completing an online course has a multitude of benefits attached with it, we’ve noted some of these below:


Benefits of online education:


1. Flexible study hours:

Online learning allows for much more flexibility than traditional education. With an online course, you can choose the time, place and for how long you work on the course. This can help people who have a full schedule. You also have more flexibility in choosing the length of your course, if you work full time you can opt to take fewer classes or extend the course to be able to do it at your own pace.


2. Low course fees:

It goes without saying that online courses are significantly cheaper than their in-classroom counterparts. Online courses don't have any of the extra cost of maintaining a brick and mortar location. This can be great for people on a budget for those who don’t want to just drop a large amount of money. Some of these courses may even be free. These courses don’t compromise on quality just because they’re cheaper.

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3. Reduced stress:

As anyone can tell you, schools can create a competitive and stressful environment. When completing an online course these stresses are nearly non-existent. You are able to create your own schedule for studying and some courses don't enforce deadlines for assessment. If you know that a structured in-person course is not for you, an online course becomes the best alternative for a low-stress education.


4. Further career opportunities:

Whether you’re looking for a promotion at your current job or a completely new career change altogether, an online course might just be for you. With the benefits listed above, it should be clear why completing an online course can make a multitude of difference for you professionally. You can further your current skills to be up to date with any new changes or learn a new skill and qualify yourself for a different position. Short courses are built so you can continue working full time and study at the same time.

5 benefits of doing an online course


5. Online courses look great on your resumé:

Having completed an online course can have a big effect on the strength of your resume. Any additional experience or training has the potential for you to rank higher on the list of potential candidates. Demonstrating that you take initiative to keep at the top of your field is also a big tick for you in recruiters mind.



Completing an online course is totally worth the effort to extend your skills and knowledge. They can be available to just about anyone. They are cheap, are available in a large variety of study areas and offer a lot of flexibility. There are more and more education services offering new courses than ever before. Overall you can’t go wrong with furthering your education with an online course. So get out there!


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