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Why Hire A Veteran?

Written by
Rachel Wearmoutharrow-right-white

Why Hire A Veteran?

Written by
Rachel Wearmoutharrow-right-white

Why Hire A Veteran?

Written by
Rachel Wearmouth

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Why Hire A Veteran

When people think of a veteran they often conjure pictures of a wizened old man from world war 2, however, the face of Australians Veterans are changing. The amount of younger veterans coming from service in the middle east are now making up a third of all veterans in Australia. These veterans are around 25- 44 years old, with 1 in 9 being female. Depending on their knowledge and experience, a vast and diverse range of veteran skills enables them to be qualified for many types of employment. Their military service introduces them to extreme circumstances that refine their skills and teach them valuable life lessons. Some of the virtues include teamwork, diversity, inclusiveness, dedication, and accountability. These are some of the key traits which employers look for when hiring interviewing potential candidates for their company. A military veteran can bring enormous benefits to any organisation because of their exceptional performance. Here are some reasons as to why you should hire a veteran.


Reasons for hiring a veteran:

Work ethic:

Military veterans follow strict codes and regulations to make sure all their tasks are run seamlessly. Moreover, they ensure that they are always attentive to conditions and the circumstances around them. For the military, these rules and discipline matter a lot because it determines the success of a mission. Such commendable dedication and responsibility towards their duties is a pivotal quality which companies can benefit greatly from. With efficient work ethics, management and discipline, military veterans can build an environment where productivity skyrockets.



Being a military veteran sometime means to live away from the comforts of civilian life. Every day brings with it new challenges and lessons to learn. This is the reason why military veterans are so dedicated to their responsibilities and ambitions in life. They do their best to bring out the most beneficial outcomes, not only for themselves but for the people around them. Dedication towards one's duties is an essential asset of a great employee. Such qualities can help to drive the productivity and performance of any business gaining an edge over others.



Military veterans demonstrate skills of excellent teamwork and unity. Their unmatched support in keeping others around them safe and secure by putting others first is a virtue not everyone has. They put aside all differences and stay united when working towards a goal. The need for teamwork is not only crucial to the military but also in business, families, etc. Hence, collaboration is an essential tool for life. Military veterans can add value to a company by working well with others, boosting their own productivity and that of those around them.



Procrastination is one of the modern world's biggest problems. It is mostly caused by easy and prevalent access to the internet, which can keep us distracted for hours, doing nothing productive. Scrolling the news feed on Facebook, checking Twitter and Instagram or watching videos on YouTube are some ways we procrastinate. It can greatly curb productivity and performance, leading to an inefficient workflow. Military personnel, on the other hand, are trained to live without the luxuries and perks of the civilian world. They are virtually immune to procrastination and focused their attention on their work. Due to this, military veterans if hired as managers, can encourage and inspire the team to work with due diligence and punctuality.



A team without a good leader is like having a car with no steering wheel. Leaders are the guiding and encouraging force which helps to achieve excellence and maintain motivation in a team. It’s the leader who extracts the best out of their team members and directs them in such efficient ways which boosts productivity. An army functions under the strategic commands of its leaders which makes sure all the plans are executed with discipline and efficiency. Clever and strategic planning is what determines performance in the military. 



Having a military background equips you with a diverse range of expertise. Veterans are not only soldiers, they’re also doctors, technicians and transporters, just to mention a few. Military veterans belong to many different backgrounds and occupations. Their skills can translate to the civilian world, making them indispensable employees. They are sure to benefit any organisation they work for, adding value to a business. They know how to delegate tasks, maximise time management, and instil motivation in others, working towards the fulfilment of their duties. So hire a veteran today.


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