What Can You Actually Do With Linux?

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Rachel Wearmoutharrow-right-white

What Can You Actually Do With Linux?

Written by
Rachel Wearmoutharrow-right-white

What Can You Actually Do With Linux?

Written by
Rachel Wearmouth

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Linux is one of the top operating software, so why don't more people use it? Linux's easy installation process and extreme flexibility make it one of the highest-rated operating systems for companies. While everyone often talks about how good Linux is, no-one talks about what you can do with it. So here are some incredible uses of Linux for you to try out.


What can you do with Linux?


Web Browsing:

Nowadays, many distributors offer a built-in Firefox browser and increasingly, Chrome. However, the best thing about Linux is that it has multiple distributors. So if you are not happy with one browser, you can install a different one from another distributor in minutes. Since browsing is just not about searching and reading, you can perform a wide range of tasks such as online banking, webmail, video playing, and much more. You will be more secure with these actions as Linux has fewer vulnerabilities than other operating systems, and provides a much higher level of security to the users.

Moreover, even if vulnerabilities are found, they can easily be fixed without any lengthy procedures. Besides, Linux offers updates as well. Unlike Windows, it does not intervene when you are performing essential tasks. Therefore, you can enjoy seamless browsing without interruptions.



Emails are an integral part of communication today, and most of us, if not all, cannot go on without having an email account. Linux provides multiple email applications for its users. Unlike Windows, you don't have to buy the application instead choose the ones which suit best to your requirements.


Office Applications:

People worry that by switching to Linux, they will no longer be able to use their office applications such as Microsoft Suite or iWork. There are plenty of options if you need to edit/ create documents, presentations or spreadsheets. LibreOffice is an excellent platform that can perform all those tasks, it operates similar to Microsoft Suite for just a fraction of the cost. Don't worry; you can still share documents with users not using the same software. If you still really want to use Microsoft Suite you can use Microsoft's Office web apps, or there are ways to run Microsoft suite on your desktop, while Microsoft does not support it, it still works pretty well. 

Trouble Shoot Other Computers:

Linux doesn't even need to be installed on your computer to be used! You can download Linux onto a CD to use its features on another computer. If you forgot your password, somehow messed up the computer or just trying to find files you can run Linux off of a CD to fix the software.



There is a lot of entertainment packed in Linux which you can enjoy for free. There are plenty of options for multimedia players so you can pick and choose for whatever you need. Some that I would recommend are Amarok, Banshee or Clementine. An even cooler feature that you can't do as quickly on other servers is creating a media centre or video game machine. If you want to take a walk down memory lane and play some vintage games, you can turn nearly any PC into a retro game console. If you are playing older games, then use Raspberry Pi, for more recent games try something a little more robust.


Photo Media:

Linux programs can do just about everything that other operating systems offer; sometimes they even do it better. Linux has some fantastic options for photo management. You can do all the things that standard programs do such as arrange them, edit, add tags, group and even rate them if you like. From here some programs will allow you to see all your photos on a map from where you took them. I recommend DigiKam and Shotwell as some of the best options for managing your pictures.


Give life to an old PC:

If you have a non-functioning PC which has become sitting trash, then use Linux to revive it. Installing a lightweight Linux distributor is free, easy and has no downside. It won't be able to perform powerful tasks but will work well for basic tasks such as rescuing files. 


Create an automated system:

You can automate your entire home with the use of Linux for a fraction of the cost of other alternatives. All you have to do is have some basic Linux knowledge and a cheap computer. Then you are all set to control your air conditioner, set up a security system, stream music, and much more. Just name it.


Learn more about computers:

As you might already know that Linux is everywhere. It is on your android phone, your car, computers and much more. There is nothing better to learn more about Linux and know how the software works than to try stuff out. These skills are invaluable for the future.

The best part of trying these things out is, they are all available for free. What else can be this enticing? The transition to Linux from Windows can be simple; there are countless help guides and step by step instructions for everything. It is never too late to learn Linux and enjoy what it has to offer.



If you are curious about learning more about Linux, it's worthwhile checking out the WithYouWithMe Portal. There are a variety of courses available for FREE for ex-military.