25 Worst Passwords and How They Are Putting You At Risk

25 Worst Passwords and How They Are Putting You At Risk

25 Worst Passwords and How They Are Putting You At Risk

Cybercrime has taken a toll owing to the increasing development in technology, which makes hacking easier than ever. Cybersecurity experts suggest that the use of strong and unique passwords can strengthen the accounts. Easy and common passwords can be very dangerous because they can give access to more than one accounts, exposing personal and sensitive data.

Data breaches are not a surprise anymore; many people have experienced unusual activities on their profiles while some face the leaking of confidential information. Most people like to create an easy to remember the password for their convenience. Whilst an easy to remember password is handy, it can lead to drastic consequences. Half a billion passwords were leaked in 2018, leading to identity theft, lost money and a whole lot of problems.

A long and complex password is complicated for a hacker to crack or even for an automated machine. It ensures the security of all your accounts; therefore, taking care of your passwords is quite essential. A secure password is the one which has a maximum of two different types of characters, capital letters, and digits. Additionally, you should have different passwords for each of your accounts to maximise your security.

There are multiple common passwords which you should avoid to ensure your privacy. Here is a list of 25 worst passwords that might put your privacy at stake, for all of you accounts.

25 Worst Passwords:


Your account does not have any privacy at all if you have a password as 'password.' Don't be surprised if you find yourself as a victim of cybercrime. You also get a 0 for creativity.


One of the most used passwords by people, easy to remember and easy to crack. However, don't forget that everyone remembers counting to 6.


Adding more digits does not increase the security at all. Even a layperson could crack this passwords.


Why bother creating a password anyway if you want to set this as one? After trying numbers, the privacy invaders will not forget 'Qwerty' for sure.


Oh, wow, what do we have here? A combination of alphabets and digits which you learn in kindergarten. Maybe a kid will find it amusing to crack this password at least.


Whilst we all dream of becoming a princess, using it as your password doesn't make it any more possible.


More like welcome to my account, it is open to the public. Having this password is similar to sending a public invitation to visit your account. So, please don't use this one if you want to keep people away from breaching your privacy.


Aha, qwerty, and 123 together. But let me tell you, after trying out luck with each of them separately, hackers will try the combination next guaranteed.


There is nothing private about you being the admin of your account. However, with this password choice, you do make everyone else the admin too.


Congratulations you made the safest password ever! Joking. Football is one of the most popular sports and one of the most popular passwords.


Sorry to break it to you but consecutive characters are not a safe choice for you. After the following numbers, alphabets, people don't spare the characters too.


Login to login does not sound safe. Therefore, please do not opt for this one as your password.


If you choose this, you are definitely not the master of passwords at least.


That is precisely what a hacker says when trying to login to an account, 'let me in.'


When trying different sets of digits, hackers never forget 1234567890 even though it is long.


Nice try, but your password needs to be something else than passw0rd itself.


It will take a little longer to enter this password than qwerty. But you still have not beat the hackers.


You must remember that any password consisting of a keyboard pattern does not even deserve to be called a password.


You sure won't when you find that your privacy does not exist anymore.


123, on your mark, get set go to violate your privacy.

Common Worst Type Of Passwords:

Your Country' Name:

One of the most common passwords is the name of the country you live in. If you do want to exercise your patriotism, a password is not a very smart choice. Maybe try a flag or learning the national anthem.

Your Pet's Name:

Not an extremely weak password but still more accessible for people who know you, such as friends, acquaintances, colleagues, family, and relatives, also a hacker that has glanced at your facebook page which features that super adorable photo of your pet.

Your Nickname:

It is better not to have a password than to use your nickname, even if it is that super cool nickname you keep hoping will catch on.

Your Favourite Celebrity:

Your love for a celebrity is reflected in your social media, your wallpaper, your mobile phone, etc. Hence, it won't be a surprise to know your password too.

Your Hobby:

What you love to do is not a secret, so your password does not remain private too if it is related to a hobby.