25 Jobs for 2020 That Will Be In-Demand

25 Jobs for 2020 That Will Be In-Demand

25 Jobs for 2020 That Will Be In-Demand

The rapid shift to modernisation and globalisation is bringing many changes to the world. Be it the change in culture, living standards, education, environment, etc. Therefore, people are continually trying to adapt to these changes for better living. It is indeed quite essential to keep up with the world to reap more benefits. 

Hence, your career is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. When choosing a career path, it is imperative to keep in mind where the jobs of the future are so you can prepare yourself for the future. 2019 is almost nearing to an end, so check out the jobs that will be in demand in 2020.

According to the World Economic Forum,  white-collar and administrative jobs will no longer be as in-demand and start declining in opportunity. We have done the research and found which are the jobs that will be taking over demand. Here is the rundown of 25 job areas which you can expect to soar.

High-Demand Jobs of 2020:

  1. Data Analysts: 

Big data is becoming an integral part of every business. Getting insights into a company to make better and informed decisions will not only make you a highly valued employee but also give you the opportunity to make your mark on a company. Data analytics will prove to be invaluable for the success of companies. Due to the increasing demand for data specialists but scarce supply, the need for data analytics is rising rapidly.

  1. Human Resources: 

Whilst hard skills have been traditionally in demand, the ability to understand humans is where businesses are growing. Businesses in 2020 are now more than ever focusing on how to get the most out of employees and how to find and retain top talent. If you are looking for a job that allows you to talk to humans in a time where computers and robots are taking over, HR is for you.

  1. Solar Energy Technician: 

As the world is going through climatic crises, people are encouraged to opt for sustainable ways of living to prevent further degradation. Hence, the use and demand for renewable energy resources is growing. With more progress and development, solar energy is becoming cheaper and more accessible. Therefore, this little known industry will be on the up trend in 2020.

  1. Nurse: 

The increasing population of humans is anticipated to suffer a shortage of doctors shortly. Therefore, there will be a dire need for nurse practitioners to help diagnose and treat patients. Nurses have been in-demand for ages now, a growing population as well as an ageing population means we are out growing supply quickly. Rural, regional and aged care nurses are in extreme demand and may offer higher salaries to attract top talent.

  1. Digital Content Specialist: 

One of the revolutions that keeps getting more radical is the move towards a more digital world. Digital devices keep us connected, provide information, entertainment, and services that we consume. Therefore, there is a booming requirement to generate digital content in this era of increased freelancing and remote jobs.

     6. Automation: 

Nowadays, all companies are looking for ways to improve their operation. By employing automation whether it be through robots or process automation, companies are taking advantage of all the technology that is available out there. It is important that you are ahead of the curve to avoid having your job automated, beat the system and be the person who builds automations.

  1. Software Developer: 

Devices like computers, mobiles, and robots would be of no use without software specialists. As machines and robots are getting more advanced, the search for skilled software developers will grow. Mobile app development is deemed to be one of the best jobs in 2020. Almost 1.2 million jobs are predicted to become available in the software development area.

  1. Blockchain Developer: 

You might be aware of the digital currency called Bitcoin. Blockchain is the technology behind this system as it makes transactions decentralised, encrypted, and fast. It is believed that blockchain technology will become the game-changer soon. Hence, professionals who have expertise in it will most probably be in high demand too.

  1. 3D Printing Technician: 

Most of us have already started to experiment with 3D printing. As this technology progresses, 3D printers will become as common and handy as televisions and microwaves. They will be available in most workplaces and homes. So professionals who are experts in maintaining 3D printing equipment will also be needed.

  1. Physical Therapist: 

The need for physical therapists will increase to cater to the demands of people who want to improve their mobility. This service includes therapeutic exercises and stretches which aim to relieve pain caused by ageing illness, sports, injuries, etc.. With our ageing population and decreased exercise as we sit in front of tvs and computers for longer and longer each year physical therapists will become extremely needed.

  1. Fast Food Workers: 

As long as the lives continue to get busier, the dependence on fast food will shoot. So the fast-food eateries will generate many jobs in 2022.

  1. Janitor: 

The maintenance of an increasing number of stores, schools, workplaces will need more janitors. These workers are responsible for cleaning restrooms,  washing windows and floors, and more. People who have their contracting businesses will be able to find many opportunities.

  1. Computer Systems Analyst: 

The field of computer science is vast and becoming more complex day by day. The multiplying technological complexities is the reason why the demand for computer analysts will also become evident soon.

  1. Biomedical Engineer: 

Around 16000 positions are likely to open for the position of biomedical engineers.  They aim to transform the healthcare industry by developing improved medical equipment such as artificial organs, bionic body parts, biological implants, amongst others.

  1. Medical Secretary: 

Job opportunities in this sector are predicted to grow in the coming years. Medical secretaries handle appointments, patient files and records, and billings.

  1. Urban Agriculture Specialist: 

The Earth is facing a whopping increase in population while there is a severe scarcity of resources to cater to the needs. So to live a sustainable life, people are encouraged to grow their food locally through methods like hydroponics and vertical farmings. Consequently, the demand for professional urban farmers will grow too.

  1. Digital Rehab Counselors: 

Are you aware of the time and mental energy you consume on digital platforms? Many of us are addicted to social media and other online sources that keep us distracted from the world. It curbs our productivity and mental well being. So in the future, people will be seeking help to reduce their reliance on digital means. And for that, digital rehab counselors will become the most wanted saviours of the day( not Powerpuff girls, sorry)

  1. Robotics Technician: 

Technology is making lives more fast and efficient for people. In the coming years, people will most probably have a robotics assistant helping them in their daily lives. However, they won't always operate as they should. Just like your washing machine or car needs repair; sometimes, robots also need some reprogramming and fixing. For that, you will need robotics technicians who will be like today's mechanics but only cooler.

  1. Genetic Engineer: 

There has been a lot of research and investigations going on in genetic engineering. It aims to cure the most challenging diseases, prevent the ageing process, and even make customised babies. There are ethical restrictions attached to genetic engineering, but despite that, genetic engineers will be in demand in the future.

  1. Market Research Analysts: 

Customer behaviour is a crucial aspect of a brand's success. Understanding the consumer demographics to find out what consumer demands can help to make effective marketing strategies. It requires solid statistical and analytical skills for which market research experts will be in demand.

  1. IT Manager: 

IT managers will continue to rise as they deal with all the computer-related functions of a company. With increasing technology, the reliance on computers and robots will increase and so the importance of IT managers.

  1. General Manager: 

People with MBA degrees have a promising career in the future because they are an essential part of any business. They are responsible for creating budget plans, developing strategies, making schedules, and much more.

  1. Weather Control Engineer: 

Geoengineering has already started developing. With abrupt climatic changes, it has become vital to reverse the change brought by global warming. In the future, it is probable to manipulate the weather to cut down damages; hence, experts will be needed.

  1. Smart Building Technician: 

It is predicted that smart buildings might take over cities, and the use of the automated controlled system will increase. So expert technicians will be wanted for installation, repair, and maintenance.

  1. Nanotech Engineer: 

The rigorous advancements in nanotechnology suggest that this field will open up many employment opportunities. Nanotechnology is being used to develop advanced equipment and as this technology progresses, there will be a massive need of engineers to partake the responsibility of innovative projects.